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It’s a scary notion — behaving like the Tea Party-goers — but what if everyone behaved that way. What if, for example, the Yankees, who did not make the playoffs, showed up at Fenway Park for the opening game and took the field.

….photographs! How can I not when it’s so easy now with an iPad or blackberry.

In giving back Derek Jeter’s ball to the captain and asking nothing in return, Christian Lopez showed the type of class New Yorkers are capable of.

I don’t care what any of those Yankee haters say….this is the best, especially when you began rooting for the Yanks, as I did, when Roy White was their best player, and Fritz Peterson their best pitcher. There were a lot of lean years when they finished in last place with Dooley Womack, Ross Moschitto […]

When I read about the New York Yankees slashing their top ticket prices from $2,500 per game to the bargain basement price of $1,250, I don’t know whether to laugh or get sick to my stomach. I’ve always been a Yankee fan (how can you not growing up in da Bronx?) but come on! The […]