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You would think the opening and restoration of a gigantic public pool that was shuttered for decades would make for some very happy New Yorkers, especially in the middle of one of our hottest summers in years. Yeah, well, think again. The opening of the McCarren Park Pool in gentrifying Williamsburg has brought nothing but […]

Used to be, if you wanted an ice cream sandwich, all you needed was a couple of bucks and the use of speech. Sometimes you didn’t even need to use your words. But today, in some of Brooklyn’s more pretentious neighborhoods, you need to read a boring sign about the name of the company while […]

  Ah to have lived in Paris during the 1920’s! Hemingway’s Paris — outdoor cafes, bookstores, bistros, writers, drinking! Reminds me of a place I know well — Brooklyn. The only thing missing is the ubiquitous smoke rising from the lips of the young and literary. Laugh if you like, but I’ve been thinking more […]

Each summer, organizers of an event called Williamsburg Walks turn Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn into a pedestrian mall. It happened this past weekend. If you missed it, you’ll have to wait till next year or you could just head on out to Williamsburg yourself and walk up and down Bedford Avenue, around North 4th […]