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Why do some people who do not use social media have to have such hate for those who do?

If you’re at all squeamish and worry about the power and ubiquity of companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google, maybe you shouldn’t read the novel “The Circle” by Dave Eggers. On the other hand, maybe you should read it to confirm your darkest fears. And if you’re a fan of said companies, you too should read it as a warning of what the future might look like.

Everyone should read it because it’s a terrific book.

Sometimes I feel like every living being in my world knows that my memoir — “Leaving Story Avenue; my journey from the projects to the front page” — has been published but then, as happened Saturday night, I run into someone I know pretty well who knows bupkis about the book. And that pains me […]

When I talk to some — not all — of my friends about Twitter, they immediately start making fun of it. I don’t want to read about you having a cup of coffee. I don’t need to know what you’re eating for dinner. I don’t care when you take a crap. On and on they […]