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The docent pointed to one Hockney painting of a fat guy sitting on an art deco sofa and said it was reminiscent of The Annunciation. 
Huh? Maybe in some far away dope-smoking docent universe. 

Cynthia Lennon actually wrote two memoirs during her lifetime, the one when John was alive and the real memoir, written after John’s death and published in 2005. That’s the one to read — titled just “John.” She wrote the first one in fear of legal action from John & Yoko; the second memoir was written from the heart and brain and took guts.

After going through the storage locker of Beatles manager, here’s what I found….pieces of music history!

The second time I entered the long-forgotten storage locker of Beatles lawyer Nat Weiss, I found more treasures and now, I was hooked…..

What treasures could there be in a storage locker owned by The Beatles American lawyer? That’s what I wanted to know as I helped clean it out….

When you really delve into how The Beatles were formed and how they came to be so successful, you see some patterns emerging, life lessons that might just work for the rest of us. So here goes — my list of 4 key life lessons we can learn from The Beatles.

Recently the same woman who applied the makeup to The Beatles way back on February 9, 1964 applied some makeup to me and, yes, she still works for CBS News.

Paul McCartney wrote “All My Lovin” back in July 1963 while shaving or on a tour bus, take your pick. nyway, nearly 50 years later, I came across this group of musicians performing it in the NYC subway with more than a little passion.

On my last day of travels, I wound up sitting alone at breakfast, no longer needing to meet and talk over the day’s activities, what we were going to shoot and not. The pressure was off, we were finally going home. It was bliss.

Imagine a “store” containing nothing but The Beatles historic White Album…

Like every child of the ’60s, I grew up listening to record albums and pouring over the lyrics, the extras inside the sleeves, and just plain staring at the covers themselves. I LOVED record albums and I think the music business started going downhill when CD’s came out and record album covers became superfluous. There’s […]

It’s become de rigeur to say that, in this age of the iPhone and texting, sexting, and just plain babbling, we’ve lost the art of conversation. I think exactly the opposite — I think there’s way too much conversation and what’s actually been lost is the art of introspection. Ever since my daughter got a […]

Of all The Beatles, I’ve always been partial to Paul for obvious reasons but the more I read about him lately, the more I’m convinced that maybe I’ve been underestimating him all these years. I know that sounds ridiculous but for the man who likely is the world’s greatest living songwriter but Paul’s press clippings […]