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As many of you know, my wife has a popular baking blog called A Cake Bakes in Brooklyn, a blog so popular she was recently featured in Ladies Home Journal magazine. I get a lot of comments from people about how lucky I am because I get to try all these delicious treats, and that’s […]

With Mardi Gras on Tuesday comes the advent of Lent on Wednesday. I’m not religious but I’ve decided to take advantage of my Catholic upbringing to give up some bad habits — namely, my love of cake, cookies and candy. I have a particular love of bad candy! I can’t tolerate good scotch but bad […]

  I came to Las Vegas for the nightlife and gambling; my wife came for the farmer’s market. If you’ve been reading my blog carefully, you know that Susan loves nothing so much as a good farmer’s market. I think I’m the only person who went to Kauai, Hawaii and learned more about the farmer’s […]

The story of this “Dental Cult” begins with my wife’s toothache. Her tooth began aching on a Friday (of course…don’t toothaches always happen on Fridays, the day most dentist leave the office early?) and, rather than drive all the way to her regular dentist in Staten Island, she decided that she needed someone right away […]

Sometimes when I work a lot — like I did last week — I relax by taking a long walk and shooting some photos. I did it last weekend again. I couldn’t help it, seeing as how the temperature hit nearly 85 degrees in NYC on Sunday. Where to go? The beach of course. Susan […]

Normally, I have no complaints about FedEx. They do a pretty good job with most everything I send but last night I entered into the twilight zone of FedEx and the experience left me feeling like Tom Hanks in “Castaway” without the coconut to keep me company. My wife is planning an event this week […]