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….photographs! How can I not when it’s so easy now with an iPad or blackberry.

One channel or many?

Posted: 15th March 2011 in Uncategorized
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Here’s a typical scene from my house. My wife is reading the newspaper or a book or whatever, and I ask her a question or begin expounding on some topic with many witty asides. I go on for about five minutes before she says, “What? Did you say something?” No matter how many times this […]

The photographs I’m most interested in are those of street life, especially New York street life from past decades. What we see every day coming and going to work someday will seem amazing in photographs. Don’t believe it? Look back at the photos of everyday life even from the ’70s. Remarkable. Was that really the […]

They listen to iPods, play video games on their ‘devices,’  and do a lot of reading, though sad to say not newspapers much anymore. But they do read and it’s amazing to see the variety. I could not resist snapping these with my Blackberry. Thank God for book covers, right? This wouldn’t have the same […]