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I saw Breslin first-hand at his best during the days when Son of Sam was writing Jimmy those crazy letters. I was then a copy boy scouring all incoming mail for yet another letter from the serial killer. Opening mail was never as exciting again.

I was lucky enough to moderate a discussion with writer Pete Hamill this past week at The New York Press Club and in the middle of his remarks, he made a point that has stuck with me. “Being a journalist,” he said, “is living a fully conscious life.” What a great phrase for what we […]

You read that right, a cemetery tour. I’ve done a lot of strange things in NYC but, until last week, I had yet to check cemetery tour off my list. The tour I took was at Green-Wood Cemetery, an historic array of grave-sites on the outskirts of Park Slope. It is a beautiful, extraordinary place (no kidding) […]