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Whenever a city dweller like myself sees a big fat suburban store like Target, something happens. It’s as though we’ve been allowed entrance to the magical city of Oz — all these choices! no crowds! wide aisles! I think you have to live in a big box store-deprived city like NYC to understand. I have […]

The New York Times magazine story “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” is one of those articles that takes the contrarian viewpoint, seemingly just to be provocative. And in that way, it succeeds. It’s also one of those articles that allows the yoga haters — you know who you are — to come out of […]

Yes, it’s that craziest of holiday rituals when members of the Polar Bear Club head down to Coney Island on New Year’s Day and just dive into the Atlantic Ocean, damn the temperatures. I’ve never attended this ritual until today but it seemed relatively balmy (above 50 degrees) so I figured why not? My impression […]

[I was all set to write some meaningful New Year’s Eve post about good intentions and all that but I kept thinking of this post from two years ago. I don’t think I can top it, and I figure some of you have not read it, so here again is My Toothless New Year’s Eve, […]

I work very near The Time Warner Center in one of the epicenters of Manhattan, one of the most populous places in America, and yet there is no place to buy a book in the neighborhood. I was thinking about that just before Christmas when I wanted to buy someone the cult classic “Time and […]

Okay so for this post I’m going to steal a page out of my wife’s book. She runs a baking blog, full of recipes and pictures of delicious things so today, it’s my turn and I’m going to talk about Italian honey balls, known in some parts as strufoli. Every year, my brother and sister […]

The ‘Barefoot Bandit’ is on my mind. The so-called bandit actually is a 20-year-old high-school dropout named Colton Harris-Moore who yesterday was sentenced to 7 years in prison after pleading guilty to more than 30 counts of theft. I’ve been thinking about him in relation to a woman named Providence Hogan who stole more than […]

It’s hard to sympathize with Alec Baldwin, a short-fused celebrity living a rarified life ignoring the pleadings of a lowly flight attendant and yet….I kind of know where he’s coming from. I too have a problem with many of the rules and regulations of air travel that can make anyone a bit bonkers. I consider […]

You read that right, a cemetery tour. I’ve done a lot of strange things in NYC but, until last week, I had yet to check cemetery tour off my list. The tour I took was at Green-Wood Cemetery, an historic array of grave-sites on the outskirts of Park Slope. It is a beautiful, extraordinary place (no kidding) […]

I get as excited as a good online deal as the next person but the brash consumerism of today combined with the crazy mobs of this past weekend, does make me a bit nauseated by the out-of-control materialism of our culture….BUT I have found something to buy that actually makes me feel better and I’m […]