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  I never really thought all the much about the populist painter Thomas Kinkade until he died earlier this month. Then as I began reading the obits, testimonials and the great piece in The New Yorker published more than ten years ago by Susan Orlean, I thought — hell, yeah, Kinkade was my kind of […]

Roger Daltrey of The Who. Back in the day, he was “Tommy” Last summer, I was driving around Georgia with a female colleague who was approximately 40 years old and, for whatever reason, the conversation made its way to the subject of music and I casually mentioned “Tommy” the rock opera by The Who. “What’s […]

Like a lot of baby boomers weaned on “The Jetsons” and “2001: A Space Odyssey,” I thought surely by now — good God, man it’s 2012 — we’d all be flying around in jetpacks, have robots doing the dishes, and eating pills that tasted like a steak dinner with mashed potatoes. The future has turned […]

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m bald. No, really, it’s true. And here’s the thing — it doesn’t bother me at all. I never think about being bald anymore except when someone feels the need to point it out. I normally just chalk that up to their own insecurities and ignore it. I […]

Let me say upfront that I find it incredible how much time we in the media spend reporting on the crime of prostitution. The NYC tabloids are currently in the middle of reporting on the latest Madame to be arrested for running an escort service. This one is described constantly as a New Jersey soccer […]

As many of you know, my wife has a popular baking blog called A Cake Bakes in Brooklyn, a blog so popular she was recently featured in Ladies Home Journal magazine. I get a lot of comments from people about how lucky I am because I get to try all these delicious treats, and that’s […]

Today, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, is the Brooklyn version of the parade. Here are just a few photos of the event:

A New Jersey jury has spoken, finding 20-year-old Dharum Ravi guilty of invasion of privacy and bias intimidation for spying on roommate Tyler Clementi, then 19, with a webcam as Clementi kissed a 30-year-old man. The story is a tragedy for both families. Clementi is dead, after committing suicide by jumping off the George Washington […]

Did you ever have that experience where you notice something and then everything you read seems to confirm that little nugget you’ve noticed? So it is with me this week. I’ve been writing and noticing the ongoing emasculation of men in our culture and, today, I open the NY Times Thursday Styles section to see […]

Just finished reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, the young adult novel that’s captured the country and is set to open as a feature film this week. The first in a trilogy featuring the ballsy Katniss Everdeen, I have to say that the book is everything you’ve heard and more. It’s a page-turner no […]

The runaway bestseller  “50 Shades of Grey” written by an Australian woman named E.L. James, clearly has captured the hearts and hormones of women across America — the question is why?  Is it possible that so many women dream of becoming the submissive partner of a dominant male partner which, after all, is the central […]

It’s not an obsession of mine (daydreaming about being really really rich) but I used to walk around the Frick Museum on Fifth Avenue — once the private home of Henry Clay Frick — trying to imagine what it must have been like to call this mansion home. That’s why I’ve been intrigued in the […]

There’s been a lot of buzz this week about tablets like the iPad, the Kindle Fire etc. and how they actually distract from reading and how, over the next few years, they will overtake PCs in terms of sales. When the iPad initially came out, I was a non-believer. I thought why do I need […]

In Park Slope, we already have the bike lane everyone loves to hate and now changes are afoot for Prospect Park’s crowded roadway which, on any given day, is host to walkers, joggers, bikers, children on razor scooters, skateboarders and yes, cars. If you’ve ever walked on that roadway on a crowded, beautiful day, you’re […]

I have to admit to having a big smile on my face at the spectacle of NYC public school teachers squealing about having their skills ranked publicly. That’s exactly what my high school teachers did to me and my classmates and we lived through it. In fact, here’s the good news for teachers, parents and […]

Today I went to the memorial service for a friend I grew up with. We walked to school together. We played touch football and all sorts of sports together. We sat next to each other at the first-run showing of “A Hard Day’s Night.” But somewhere our paths diverged.  He was often homeless as an […]

With Mardi Gras on Tuesday comes the advent of Lent on Wednesday. I’m not religious but I’ve decided to take advantage of my Catholic upbringing to give up some bad habits — namely, my love of cake, cookies and candy. I have a particular love of bad candy! I can’t tolerate good scotch but bad […]

  I came to Las Vegas for the nightlife and gambling; my wife came for the farmer’s market. If you’ve been reading my blog carefully, you know that Susan loves nothing so much as a good farmer’s market. I think I’m the only person who went to Kauai, Hawaii and learned more about the farmer’s […]

It’s not everyday you can walk in and out of jail without a care in the world but, today, the NYC Department of Corrections opened up the Brooklyn House of Detention for visitors. It’s all part of the department trying to be a good neighbor. You see, the jail was closed back in 2003 and […]

If you come to NYC, you might be tempted to take a pedicab ride where a strapping young man (and sometimes women) peddles you from destination to destination for a goodly sum. It’s an interesting way to get from place to place for short distances. (I wouldn’t jump in one in Manhattan and ask them […]

Okay, so this is kind of amusing. First, there was that NY Times magazine article titled “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.” It created an uproar (including from yours truly) because it gave the impression that maybe it’s just better to quit yoga than, you know, do it correctly and not be competitive. On the […]

It’s sometimes amazing to me that I never moved to Southern California because there was a time in my life I couldn’t get enough of the place. In fact, a select few of you know that I sometimes answer to the nickname “L.A.” and I remember getting a Dodger baseball cap for one birthday. I traveled […]

One of the only ways to ride the NYC subways is to carve out a bit of space for yourself so you can feel, you know, reasonably human. If you’ve got a place to stand and read your book without someone hanging all over you, you’re set bud. But watch out for the wrong seatmate […]

Whenever a city dweller like myself sees a big fat suburban store like Target, something happens. It’s as though we’ve been allowed entrance to the magical city of Oz — all these choices! no crowds! wide aisles! I think you have to live in a big box store-deprived city like NYC to understand. I have […]

The New York Times magazine story “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” is one of those articles that takes the contrarian viewpoint, seemingly just to be provocative. And in that way, it succeeds. It’s also one of those articles that allows the yoga haters — you know who you are — to come out of […]