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I have seen the future of city driving and it’s Car2Go…the first car-sharing program that works!

….in (No) Park Slope?

For those of us who’ve lived here a long time, it’s interesting to see old movies of New York and think, ‘Hey, I remember that’ and then realize that whatever ‘it’ was disappeared right before our eyes. In the case of a movie like “Taxi Driver,” it’s easy to forget how grimy NYC was in […]

Like I always say, I love NYC but it does have issues. We all embrace living in this dynamic city in exchange for  a heap of hassle pie. Exhibit A is my sometimes maddening search for a good parking spot. I usually don’t let the parking situation get to me but yesterday was slightly irritating […]

One thing about NYC – parking is very tricky and filled with unwritten rules, as my friend AA found out last week. Rushing to dinner on the now-very-hip Lower East Side, he saw only one possible parking spot. It was at the end of a block, just before the crosswalk. In order to make his […]