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Did you ever have that experience where you notice something and then everything you read seems to confirm that little nugget you’ve noticed? So it is with me this week. I’ve been writing and noticing the ongoing emasculation of men in our culture and, today, I open the NY Times Thursday Styles section to see […]

It’s not an obsession of mine (daydreaming about being really really rich) but I used to walk around the Frick Museum on Fifth Avenue — once the private home of Henry Clay Frick — trying to imagine what it must have been like to call this mansion home. That’s why I’ve been intrigued in the […]

[Note: Today’s essay is a guest column from Ron Howell, a Brooklyn guy and former colleague at the New York Daily News. He posted this in his own blog Brooklyn Ron and it’s re-posted here with permission.] NY Times to Bed-Stuy: You’re Not Good Enough Yet for White People Let’s concede something at the outset.The […]

I have a home subscription to the NY Times and, as such, I sometimes get “special” offers concerning the arts and other happenings around town. The other day, I got such a special offer that, well, I nearly plotzed! The Times was offering three “special” packages to see Michael Feinstein at his eponymous club at the Regency […]

I had no sooner come back from the local farmer’s market this morning than I picked up the NY Times and read a front page article entitled, “Told to eat its vegetables, America orders fries.” Funny headline and, as it turns out, oh so true. Basically, according to this article, Americans think vegetables, you know, […]

Favorite Headlines: — “Duck, duck, moose” in the NY Daily News about a mounted moose head that fell off the wall onto a woman’s head. Even the followup story was funny when someone pointed out that the said moose head actually was that of a caribou. — “What a scary world — it’s draining men!” […]

This may sound kind of funny but I have a complaint about the NY Times’ “Complaint Box” column running in Sunday’s (8/30) new Metropolitan section. First off, it’s yet another rant from a woman about how no one gave her a subway seat when she was pregnant. Fair enough, even though it seems to me […]

…Or so says the vaunted NY Times in Thursday’s Style section. I was reading the story about how hip it is to have a belly when I showed the photos to my wife and said, “Do I look like that?” “Yes,” she answered immediately. “Er, no,” she said when she had a moment to think […]

Today, there are two “water-cooler” stories in the NY Times, and because the paper does not yet charge for content, I’ll bring them to you — free!! BERNARD KERIK — Remember him? Former police commissioner of New York, nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security? You might be wondering what he’s up to these days, after […]