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I was dreading seeing the newspaper film “The Post” which depicts the historic Vietnam-era battle over the secret and highly classified Pentagon Papers…but what made the film truly enjoyable for me was the way Spielberg and company captured the honest to God way print newspapers used to be produced. 

I saw Breslin first-hand at his best during the days when Son of Sam was writing Jimmy those crazy letters. I was then a copy boy scouring all incoming mail for yet another letter from the serial killer. Opening mail was never as exciting again.

When I talk to some — not all — of my friends about Twitter, they immediately start making fun of it. I don’t want to read about you having a cup of coffee. I don’t need to know what you’re eating for dinner. I don’t care when you take a crap. On and on they […]

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with newspapers. I worked at the NY Daily News for 16 years and those were some of the most fun years of my life. Today, I still love newspapers but the printed editions….not so much. I still get the NY Times and Daily News delivered to my home each […]