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The MTA has a new boss–Joe Lhota–and the guy has a plan to fix the subways. That’s a good thing.

I’ve been riding the subways my entire life and it’s true–they’ve become more crowded, less civil and full of panhandlers. It’s pretty intense down there…

We’d be better off having a public service campaign alerting drivers to left turn blind spots than lowering speed limits that are largely imaginary in the city anyway.

The days of the fast-talking, cigar-chomping white New York City cab driver are over but, sadly, racism is not.

This lost New York footage in color from 1939 is really an eye-opener.

What a week! Very tough for a lot of people in the metropolitan New York area and a lot of people, including myself, cannot believe the city is going ahead with the New York City Marathon. It just feels wrong this time out, especially with Staten Island, where the race starts, having the highest death […]

At its very best, New York is a city of the haves and have-nots but Hurricane Sandy has opened up a new chasm and groups who were once on one side find themseles across the gulf on the side of those who normally don’t have much. My daughter for instance lives in Battery Park City in […]

Hurricane Sandy did a number on NYC but fortunately, my power never got knocked out. We did lose a tree that had stood on the block for probably 50 years or more but that’s a small price to pay considering the massive damage elsewhere. I was impressed that just about 12 hours after the tree […]

I love taking photos on the streets of New York but the more I do it, the more I realize how difficult it is. I think I need a new lens for nighttime shooting….but here’s my latest effort anyway.

Reading about Mayor Bloomberg’s recent exploits, it’s hard not to see his situation as a reality show. Here’s the pitch: a billionaire big city mayor in his last year in office finally stops pretending and openly disdains all the dumb “official” duties that the job entails. Witness last year when Billionaire Bloomberg officiated at the […]

From time to time, people on the subway will just start speaking out loud to themselves or to the person next to them whom they do not know of course. Today was one of those mornings. This strange guy was speaking to a woman sitting next to him. I felt sorry for her because it […]

Large sugar-based drinks like soda might disgust a lot of people — like Mayor Bloomberg — but if you want to find a particularly odious food, how about foie gras, that French delicacy that is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese through funnels shoved down their throats so that their livers become engorged, a traditional […]

Someone asked me the other night why there is so much nostalgia for the NYC that existed back in the 1970s. For sure, the city is, in many measurable ways, a better place today. There are fewer murders, less street crime, less graffiti and an absence of malice in the air, as existed back then. […]

It happened again this past weekend — two more people in the NYC subway system were hit by trains. One died and one miraculously survived. That’s on top of a transit report unveiled last week showing that 147 people had been hit by trains last year, a 15% jump over the year before. What’s going […]

If you come to NYC, you might be tempted to take a pedicab ride where a strapping young man (and sometimes women) peddles you from destination to destination for a goodly sum. It’s an interesting way to get from place to place for short distances. (I wouldn’t jump in one in Manhattan and ask them […]

One of the only ways to ride the NYC subways is to carve out a bit of space for yourself so you can feel, you know, reasonably human. If you’ve got a place to stand and read your book without someone hanging all over you, you’re set bud. But watch out for the wrong seatmate […]

I work very near The Time Warner Center in one of the epicenters of Manhattan, one of the most populous places in America, and yet there is no place to buy a book in the neighborhood. I was thinking about that just before Christmas when I wanted to buy someone the cult classic “Time and […]

Here’s a couple of examples of what I mean, taken yesterday during a random walk in SoHo:

It was the usual fun time on the streets of New York last night for Fashion Night Out 2011. The rain stopped early in the day and the fashionistas made the scene. These pix were taken in SoHo and the Meatpacking District. Click on any of these to see them bigger. Enjoy!

I never met Robert Moses, a.k.a. “The Power Broker” but I still miss him. He was a kick-ass builder who got things done unlike every city official who succeeded him.

It’s amazing how the addition of trees makes the World Trade Center site look so much more finished and inviting for the first time in ten years.

In NYC, honking often doesn’t do any good. If only. I wish a simple beep would convince every crazy driver out there to not block the box or to not stop at an intersection when the light is green or….

When did it become normal for adults to give up their seats for school-aged children and why isn’t it the other way around?

I think you really have to live in NYC to understand how incredible the HGTV channel is. My wife watches shows like “House Hunters” incessantly so I’ve been exposed. Unfortunately, I’ve also become hooked because, frankly, I’m flabbergasted by what these “house hunters” are seeking –garage parking, double-sinks, granite counter-tops, master bedrooms the size of […]

My daughter had what she thought for a sure-fire deal for me — accompany her to a raw food restaurant where she would get $40 off the bill thanks to Groupon, and I would pay the balance. The key words here are “raw food restaurant.” I was happy to say ‘yes’ to my daughter but […]

I remember the first time I walked into a health club in NYC. It was back in the dark ages, somewhere around 1980. I think I was ten years old. But really, I was in my mid-twenties and I accompanied a friend who thought he wanted to join one of those Jack Lalanne-Bally health clubs. […]