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The MTA has a new boss–Joe Lhota–and the guy has a plan to fix the subways. That’s a good thing.

I’ve been riding the subways my entire life and it’s true–they’ve become more crowded, less civil and full of panhandlers. It’s pretty intense down there…

As long as I’ve lived in NYC–forever–I’ve known some people who refuse to set foot inside the subway. They’ll take buses, drive cars, walk–do anything except ride what really is the most convenient way to get around this burg.

The photographs I’m most interested in are those of street life, especially New York street life from past decades. What we see every day coming and going to work someday will seem amazing in photographs. Don’t believe it? Look back at the photos of everyday life even from the ’70s. Remarkable. Was that really the […]

Today at the West 4th Street station, I heard a woman yelling on the platform, and, for once, it was a sane human being. Very sane. She was railing against the coming NYC subway fare hike initiated the MTA, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. She wanted everyone to join the facebook page “1,000,000 People Against the […]

Hate dirty platforms, late subway trains, the rising cost of commuting? You can now create your own subway poster and vent your frustration thanks to a website called It allows you to write whatever you want in posters that look all too much like the real subway notices the MTA sticks on thousands of […]