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Most of the magazine article is Knausgaard beating himself up for being a major fuckup. He knows he should have gotten his license renewed before flying to America to complete an assignment where the point was to drive but….he just couldn’t get around to it. Oh well, he makes the best of a bad situation.

…and I have to celebrate a little today with a post about “Leaving Story Avenue, my journey from the projects to the front page.” When you’re a writer (or any creative person), you always wonder what the reaction will be to something you’ve produced. Will readers like, hate it, point out mistakes? That is the […]

Sometimes I feel like every living being in my world knows that my memoir — “Leaving Story Avenue; my journey from the projects to the front page” — has been published but then, as happened Saturday night, I run into someone I know pretty well who knows bupkis about the book. And that pains me […]

A great man died this past week — the memoirist Frank McCourt who also toiled for 30-odd years as a NYC schoolteacher. McCourt, who found himself an international best-selling author in his mid-60’s, lived the NYC dream. He was a barfly who hung around published authors all his life at the dearly-departed Lion’s Head bar […]