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In a series that was all about a man’s search for identity, Don Draper finally found what he had always been searching for and it was NOT a silly Coke commercial.

As someone who is on Facebook pretty much every day, I’ve seen the posts from my friends, new friends and acquaintances for well over two years now. Without the benefit of a statistical analysis, I’ve noticed that many of us post over and over about one issue and that issue is at the very center […]

When you think about the runaway success of “Mad Men” it’s really kind of remarkable given that we live in an age where being a corporate suit — a description that fits just about everyone on the show — is tantamount to being a criminal. Weren’t those Occupy Wall Street protests last summer and fall really about […]

It’s become de rigeur to say that, in this age of the iPhone and texting, sexting, and just plain babbling, we’ve lost the art of conversation. I think exactly the opposite — I think there’s way too much conversation and what’s actually been lost is the art of introspection. Ever since my daughter got a […]

I’m officially sick of people calling ‘spoiler alert’ just because they want to view a program days, months, sometimes years after it’s aired. The DVR is great. You can watch a program anytime you want. Now people can put off viewing a television show until its convenient for them. At the same time, there’s a […]

Okay so I can’t get that damn song out of my head, the one sung by Megan, Don Draper’s uber-sexy French wife, at the surprise birthday party she threw for him. Who knows what “Zoo Bisou Bisou” means or was intended to mean back in the 1960s — it only meant one thing when it […]

It sure seems that way, judging by this season. Conrad Hilton or “Connie,” as he’s referred to in the show, is a bigger character this season than some of the regulars. Here’s the question: is that because Hilton Hotels is paying “Mad Men” for this storyline? I’m not sure but it makes sense. “Mad Men,” […]

With my new book “Seven Days of Rage” coming out Tuesday, September 15th,  the same day as Dan Brown’s follow-up to “The DaVinci Code,” I knew I had a marketing problem. So I thought to myself, what would Don Draper do? So, at least in my dreams, I went to see dapper Don of AMC’s […]