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This street fair was New York all the way, combing elements of many ethnic groups but mainly Jewish and Chinese…

One of the great things about New York City is its propinquity, the possibilities that exist because disparate people are living within spitting distance of each other. In many ways, that’s why New York is magical; it embodies that idea. Walking the streets of New York one gets the feeling that anything can happen, that it’s possible you could run into anyone.

New York City street fairs don’t vary all that much but last night’s event on the Lower East Side did have its charm. Take a look….

Today, the Henry Street Settlement hosted a street fair to raise awareness for the Partners In Preservation Program in which Henry Street is competing against a slew of other deserving non-profits for funds earmarked by American Express. The weather cooperated beautifully and many people wound up voting for Henry Street on their on-site computers so […]

Someone asked me the other night why there is so much nostalgia for the NYC that existed back in the 1970s. For sure, the city is, in many measurable ways, a better place today. There are fewer murders, less street crime, less graffiti and an absence of malice in the air, as existed back then. […]

You gotta love a story like the one on the front page of today’s NY Daily News; it’s tabloid reporting at its finest. Tipped that Deputy Mayor Robert Steel does not live in NYC — as required by his boss Mayor Bloomberg — The News sent a reporter and photographer to Steel’s Connecticut mansion where […]

So today was Apple Day on the lower east side, Orchard Street to be exact. Fitting, right? And this Apple Day had nothing at all to do with iPads or Pods or Jobs. It was all about the fruit and the pie, apple pie. Seems apples are TOO healthy for the organizers of today’s event […]

One thing about NYC – parking is very tricky and filled with unwritten rules, as my friend AA found out last week. Rushing to dinner on the now-very-hip Lower East Side, he saw only one possible parking spot. It was at the end of a block, just before the crosswalk. In order to make his […]