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The docent pointed to one Hockney painting of a fat guy sitting on an art deco sofa and said it was reminiscent of The Annunciation. 
Huh? Maybe in some far away dope-smoking docent universe. 

Everything about John’s death has been said many times over so let me tell you a story about how John & Yoko wound up living in the Dakota to begin with. The story was told to me by Peter Brown, the onetime Beatles’ right hand man (mentioned in “The Ballad of John & Yoko.)

Cynthia Lennon actually wrote two memoirs during her lifetime, the one when John was alive and the real memoir, written after John’s death and published in 2005. That’s the one to read — titled just “John.” She wrote the first one in fear of legal action from John & Yoko; the second memoir was written from the heart and brain and took guts.

At the risk of stating the obvious, we’re all the sum total of our experiences and those experiences make us who we are. Later on, you cannot relieve your life to make it more interesting. Scratch a great artist or person — someone truly unique — and you generally find a man or woman who’s either had hardship in their young lives or who chose a path early on that in itself was different than everyone around them.

After reading that story, it’s pretty clear that, if Yoko pursued John these days the way she did in the ’60s, it seems nearly certain she’d be arrested as a stalker. The sad irony of course is that Lennon was murdered by a stalker and crazed fan outside his apartment house in New York years later.