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Things are looking very bleak for the historic South Street Seaport after Hurricane Sandy. Nearly every store suffered extensive damage and has been closed indefinitely although a very few are hanging on. Not only that but a lot residences down there were destroyed also. Right now, it’s a mess with boarded up stores, “restricted” signs […]

Sandy is gone but her destruction remains. Still, Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and, by most estimates, there are far more volunteers for every site than are needed. New Yorkers really turned out and, with that, a few random pictures from today:

What a week! Very tough for a lot of people in the metropolitan New York area and a lot of people, including myself, cannot believe the city is going ahead with the New York City Marathon. It just feels wrong this time out, especially with Staten Island, where the race starts, having the highest death […]

Hurricane Sandy did a number on NYC but fortunately, my power never got knocked out. We did lose a tree that had stood on the block for probably 50 years or more but that’s a small price to pay considering the massive damage elsewhere. I was impressed that just about 12 hours after the tree […]

[Note: I’m going to do something new today and keep a “running” blog of my take on Hurricane Sandy from Brooklyn, NYC, so come back from updates.] 8 p.m. — A tree next door fell down in the high winds. A police car is on the scene but no injuries to report and there appears […]