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Once a year, the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO hosts its Arts Festival. This is that weekend and definitely worth visiting….

Someone asked me the other night why there is so much nostalgia for the NYC that existed back in the 1970s. For sure, the city is, in many measurable ways, a better place today. There are fewer murders, less street crime, less graffiti and an absence of malice in the air, as existed back then. […]

  Today I went to the Creators Project in DUMBO, Brooklyn, an arts and technology festival. It was full of arty and fun projects and a bunch of great bands and DJ’s were there including Florence and the Machine. Not sure I’m going back to see Florence though I think she’s a great singer but […]

  Ah to have lived in Paris during the 1920’s! Hemingway’s Paris — outdoor cafes, bookstores, bistros, writers, drinking! Reminds me of a place I know well — Brooklyn. The only thing missing is the ubiquitous smoke rising from the lips of the young and literary. Laugh if you like, but I’ve been thinking more […]