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In a series that was all about a man’s search for identity, Don Draper finally found what he had always been searching for and it was NOT a silly Coke commercial.

When you think about the runaway success of “Mad Men” it’s really kind of remarkable given that we live in an age where being a corporate suit — a description that fits just about everyone on the show — is tantamount to being a criminal. Weren’t those Occupy Wall Street protests last summer and fall really about […]

It’s become de rigeur to say that, in this age of the iPhone and texting, sexting, and just plain babbling, we’ve lost the art of conversation. I think exactly the opposite — I think there’s way too much conversation and what’s actually been lost is the art of introspection. Ever since my daughter got a […]

Okay so I can’t get that damn song out of my head, the one sung by Megan, Don Draper’s uber-sexy French wife, at the surprise birthday party she threw for him. Who knows what “Zoo Bisou Bisou” means or was intended to mean back in the 1960s — it only meant one thing when it […]

With my new book “Seven Days of Rage” coming out Tuesday, September 15th,  the same day as Dan Brown’s follow-up to “The DaVinci Code,” I knew I had a marketing problem. So I thought to myself, what would Don Draper do? So, at least in my dreams, I went to see dapper Don of AMC’s […]