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It takes more than a pen and pad to set up a television interview but the results sometimes are stunning.

…and I have to celebrate a little today with a post about “Leaving Story Avenue, my journey from the projects to the front page.” When you’re a writer (or any creative person), you always wonder what the reaction will be to something you’ve produced. Will readers like, hate it, point out mistakes? That is the […]

Roger Daltrey of The Who. Back in the day, he was “Tommy” Last summer, I was driving around Georgia with a female colleague who was approximately 40 years old and, for whatever reason, the conversation made its way to the subject of music and I casually mentioned “Tommy” the rock opera by The Who. “What’s […]

The ‘Barefoot Bandit’ is on my mind. The so-called bandit actually is a 20-year-old high-school dropout named Colton Harris-Moore who yesterday was sentenced to 7 years in prison after pleading guilty to more than 30 counts of theft. I’ve been thinking about him in relation to a woman named Providence Hogan who stole more than […]

The short answer is ‘yes’ because Amanda Knox, acquitted yesterday of murdering her roommate and released after a four-year prison stay in Italy, is known to have practiced yoga while behind bars. In fact, she reportedly told an Italian magazine that she arose every morning at 6 a.m., did her daily yoga practice and then sat down […]

So I once worked with this guy in the 1990s — doesn’t seem all that long ago. We had the same job except I had a better office. His office was the size of a closet but he never bitched about it, at least not to me. He was funny, charming and smart. Make that, […]

Everyone has their 9/11 story and here’s mine. I was at the gym when the first plane hit. Even though the televisions were on, I was already on my way out but the moment I got in my car and turned on the radio, I heard about the two planes. I was convinced the reports […]

I’ve been working on a writing project that does not involve my day job at CBS News, and it’s interesting to notice the different treatment I receive. For one thing, when I call or email someone and say I’m from CBS News, I get an immediate response. When I’m on my own, not as much. […]

This past summer, CBS News correspondent Erin Moriarty found herself tired and emotionally spent after doing several long interviews for an upcoming story. She boarded a NY-bound flight in Dallas and, uncharacteristically, was not in the mood to talk. Of course, the guy sitting next to her turned out to be a chatty and friendly […]