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I had no intention of visiting Bolinas, CA but when I learned how much they hate outsiders, I decided to visit.

don’t claim to be an expert but more than a few people asked about our recent vacation to Northern California so before I forget, here’s my travelogue of where to go and what to see…

I took a vacation last week along the Northern California coast. The scenery was spectacular, the food was good and, as a bonus, I believe I found some news because along the way I stumbled upon what seems to be the most expensive gallon of gas in the country!

I was at a dinner party talking to a lawyer who had quit corporate law to work as a prosecutor and then a defense attorney. For most of the night, he told me how much he loved his job and never looked back but, at one point, he grew rueful and noted that he was […]

It’s sometimes amazing to me that I never moved to Southern California because there was a time in my life I couldn’t get enough of the place. In fact, a select few of you know that I sometimes answer to the nickname “L.A.” and I remember getting a Dodger baseball cap for one birthday. I traveled […]