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For years, Park Slopers have joked that items in stoop sales just move the junk from one brownstone to another and then back again. My wife can’t be the only person who’s purchased a baking item from a neighbor that she had purchased from us at an earlier stoop sale.

[Note: Today’s essay is a guest column from Ron Howell, a Brooklyn guy and former colleague at the New York Daily News. He posted this in his own blog Brooklyn Ron and it’s re-posted here with permission.] NY Times to Bed-Stuy: You’re Not Good Enough Yet for White People Let’s concede something at the outset.The […]

Last month, I detailed my battle against some dog owners owners who are incapable of making their dogs walk along the curb so as not to pee on my brownstone every single morning. It’s kind of a bummer to walk out into a bright new day to a puddle of dog urine, some puddles so […]