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The gentrification wave hit Park Slope a very long time ago. Gone are the people who gave the block some of its character and by that, I mean the drug sellers, alcoholics and former inmates.

A neighbor of mine went missing four years ago. I did not know her but I wonder how a 40-year-old woman can disappear without a trace, especially in this day and age.

I’ve been watching with more than a passing degree of curiosity as the saga of Baby Hope unfolds in New York. If you’re not familiar with the story, Baby Hope was an unnamed and unknown young girl whose body was found in a blue picnic cooler near the side of a Manhattan highway back in 1991.

Once a year, the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO hosts its Arts Festival. This is that weekend and definitely worth visiting….

For years, Park Slopers have joked that items in stoop sales just move the junk from one brownstone to another and then back again. My wife can’t be the only person who’s purchased a baking item from a neighbor that she had purchased from us at an earlier stoop sale.

Back in 1979, when I was a young reporter working in The Daily News Brooklyn section, my editor turned to me one day and said, ‘Hey I want you to do a story about the 100th anniversary of Gage & Tollner’s.” “Gage & Who?” I asked. “Gage & Tollner’s,” the editor replied. “It’s an historic […]

Sandy is gone but her destruction remains. Still, Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and, by most estimates, there are far more volunteers for every site than are needed. New Yorkers really turned out and, with that, a few random pictures from today:

Hurricane Sandy did a number on NYC but fortunately, my power never got knocked out. We did lose a tree that had stood on the block for probably 50 years or more but that’s a small price to pay considering the massive damage elsewhere. I was impressed that just about 12 hours after the tree […]

You would think the opening and restoration of a gigantic public pool that was shuttered for decades would make for some very happy New Yorkers, especially in the middle of one of our hottest summers in years. Yeah, well, think again. The opening of the McCarren Park Pool in gentrifying Williamsburg has brought nothing but […]

I don’t know how this happened. I swear I was raised in a low-income, tough Bronx housing project. It’s all true but somehow, over the years, I’ve become one of those people the rest of us (I’m assuming a dual personna for purposes of this post) love to hate. You know the type. Well, it […]

Used to be, if you wanted an ice cream sandwich, all you needed was a couple of bucks and the use of speech. Sometimes you didn’t even need to use your words. But today, in some of Brooklyn’s more pretentious neighborhoods, you need to read a boring sign about the name of the company while […]

Like I always say, I love NYC but it does have issues. We all embrace living in this dynamic city in exchange for  a heap of hassle pie. Exhibit A is my sometimes maddening search for a good parking spot. I usually don’t let the parking situation get to me but yesterday was slightly irritating […]

In Park Slope, we already have the bike lane everyone loves to hate and now changes are afoot for Prospect Park’s crowded roadway which, on any given day, is host to walkers, joggers, bikers, children on razor scooters, skateboarders and yes, cars. If you’ve ever walked on that roadway on a crowded, beautiful day, you’re […]

It’s not everyday you can walk in and out of jail without a care in the world but, today, the NYC Department of Corrections opened up the Brooklyn House of Detention for visitors. It’s all part of the department trying to be a good neighbor. You see, the jail was closed back in 2003 and […]

Whenever a city dweller like myself sees a big fat suburban store like Target, something happens. It’s as though we’ve been allowed entrance to the magical city of Oz — all these choices! no crowds! wide aisles! I think you have to live in a big box store-deprived city like NYC to understand. I have […]

Yes, it’s that craziest of holiday rituals when members of the Polar Bear Club head down to Coney Island on New Year’s Day and just dive into the Atlantic Ocean, damn the temperatures. I’ve never attended this ritual until today but it seemed relatively balmy (above 50 degrees) so I figured why not? My impression […]

You read that right, a cemetery tour. I’ve done a lot of strange things in NYC but, until last week, I had yet to check cemetery tour off my list. The tour I took was at Green-Wood Cemetery, an historic array of grave-sites on the outskirts of Park Slope. It is a beautiful, extraordinary place (no kidding) […]

  Today I went to the Creators Project in DUMBO, Brooklyn, an arts and technology festival. It was full of arty and fun projects and a bunch of great bands and DJ’s were there including Florence and the Machine. Not sure I’m going back to see Florence though I think she’s a great singer but […]

Sometimes when I work a lot — like I did last week — I relax by taking a long walk and shooting some photos. I did it last weekend again. I couldn’t help it, seeing as how the temperature hit nearly 85 degrees in NYC on Sunday. Where to go? The beach of course. Susan […]

Normally, I have no complaints about FedEx. They do a pretty good job with most everything I send but last night I entered into the twilight zone of FedEx and the experience left me feeling like Tom Hanks in “Castaway” without the coconut to keep me company. My wife is planning an event this week […]

It was the usual fun time on the streets of New York last night for Fashion Night Out 2011. The rain stopped early in the day and the fashionistas made the scene. These pix were taken in SoHo and the Meatpacking District. Click on any of these to see them bigger. Enjoy!

[Note: Today’s essay is a guest column from Ron Howell, a Brooklyn guy and former colleague at the New York Daily News. He posted this in his own blog Brooklyn Ron and it’s re-posted here with permission.] NY Times to Bed-Stuy: You’re Not Good Enough Yet for White People Let’s concede something at the outset.The […]

  Ah to have lived in Paris during the 1920’s! Hemingway’s Paris — outdoor cafes, bookstores, bistros, writers, drinking! Reminds me of a place I know well — Brooklyn. The only thing missing is the ubiquitous smoke rising from the lips of the young and literary. Laugh if you like, but I’ve been thinking more […]

I’ve never and I mean never seen a hailstorm like the one that hit Brooklyn last night. It came out of nowhere. It was a beautiful fall day in the mid-70s and sunny but, last night, a storm roared through. Hail stones literally the size of golf balls hit and it felt as though windows […]

There were a lot of cameras out there so I was not alone. I love walking around DUMBO which for those who do not know is in Brooklyn and so called because it stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The cobblestone streets there remind me of Europe. It’s pricey these days but a […]