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On the inside of a song…

Posted: 23rd March 2016 in Life
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Here’s something I did not anticipate when I started taking guitar lessons….the magic of getting inside a song, of understanding how the original artists picked the perfect chords to make the emotion of the song come to life. Sometimes it’s just that perfect chord, sometimes it’s the words, sometimes it’s both.

I was visiting the Museum of the City of New York this past weekend and drifted into the exhibit on Affordable Housing. There, amidst all the information about rent stabilization, rezoning of neighborhoods and vintage pamphlets on public housing, was a curious letter signed by Bob Dylan. “Could that be THE Bob Dylan,” I asked my wife, not that I’d ever heard of another.

At the risk of stating the obvious, we’re all the sum total of our experiences and those experiences make us who we are. Later on, you cannot relieve your life to make it more interesting. Scratch a great artist or person — someone truly unique — and you generally find a man or woman who’s either had hardship in their young lives or who chose a path early on that in itself was different than everyone around them.

I was lucky enough to moderate a discussion with writer Pete Hamill this past week at The New York Press Club and in the middle of his remarks, he made a point that has stuck with me. “Being a journalist,” he said, “is living a fully conscious life.” What a great phrase for what we […]

Went to see the photography exhibit “Who Shot Rock n Roll” at the Brooklyn Museum today with photographs and videos ranging from Elvis to Bjork and everyone in between. It was great, of course. How could it not be but it left me pining for the pre-packaged days of rock ‘n roll when it was […]