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There’s been a lot of buzz this week about tablets like the iPad, the Kindle Fire etc. and how they actually distract from reading and how, over the next few years, they will overtake PCs in terms of sales. When the iPad initially came out, I was a non-believer. I thought why do I need […]

The launch of the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s answer to the ubiquitous iPad, comes at an interesting time for me because I was all set to buy an iPad this very week. I’ve never been an Apple guy, unlike one of colleagues who goes by the nickname Batman and apparently has Apple underwear to go with […]

So today was Apple Day on the lower east side, Orchard Street to be exact. Fitting, right? And this Apple Day had nothing at all to do with iPads or Pods or Jobs. It was all about the fruit and the pie, apple pie. Seems apples are TOO healthy for the organizers of today’s event […]

It’s the economy, stupid. Yeah, right. That’s the famous phrase created by the Clinton team that supposedly got him elected president. Gotta remember the economy. I’ve been thinking about the economy a lot lately and the problem I have is that the way we look at our economy seems stupid, at least to me. Consider […]

Apps — short for “applications” that you can put on your smartphone and use to pilot you through life — are all the rage. I’m sorry but I think most of them are dumb. In fact, whenever I hear that irritating phrase “there’s an app for that,” I can’t help inserting the letters C and […]