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It takes more than a pen and pad to set up a television interview but the results sometimes are stunning.

For my job as a producer for the CBS News magazine “48 Hours,” I meet a lot people in the middle of unspeakable tragedies, families whose loved ones have been murdered. Working on a story about Canada’s “Highway of Tears” — where dozens of women have gone missing or have been murdered over the past […]

…and I have to celebrate a little today with a post about “Leaving Story Avenue, my journey from the projects to the front page.” When you’re a writer (or any creative person), you always wonder what the reaction will be to something you’ve produced. Will readers like, hate it, point out mistakes? That is the […]

About ten years ago, I worked with another producer at “48 Hours” who looked strikingly like a young Robert Redford. Well, of course he left the producing corps and began an on-air career as a correspondent for ABC-TV. Today, that ex-producer is an anchorman on WCBS-TV Channel 2 in New York. I’m speaking of Don […]