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I love end of the year lists and I have a lot of opinions and I have a blog so here is my ‘Best of..” list for books and TV series in 2016. Feel free to disagree or tell me your favorites.

Frank Underwood is no Tony Soprano — Tony had morals. Frank is morally bankrupt.

“Parenthood” was different. It was a television program about human relationships and how refreshing was that? Because, when you think about it, aren’t way more of us more touched by relationships in our lives — good or bad — than we are affected by crime? Come on, that’s the truth for most people.

It takes more than a pen and pad to set up a television interview but the results sometimes are stunning.

How many times have you seen the Zapruder film, that infamous footage that captured the murder of JFK? Would we ever have seen it if it happened today or would it be confiscated by authorities?

We’re in a golden age of television with many more great shows than I can ever remember being on at one time. This is so far removed from watching a two-hour movie where you can predict the outcome — this is much more akin to reading a novel.

When you think about the runaway success of “Mad Men” it’s really kind of remarkable given that we live in an age where being a corporate suit — a description that fits just about everyone on the show — is tantamount to being a criminal. Weren’t those Occupy Wall Street protests last summer and fall really about […]

Simply put, the sex scenes depicted on “Girls,” the hot new cable show about four young women in NYC, are some of the most disagreeable, uncomfortable and ugly sex scenes ever put to video. It’s like none of the characters on the show has good sex, except maybe sometimes the character who plays the beautiful […]

Following up on my blog post yesterday about crazy yet authentic office emails, I give you the following. All I can say about it is that it is 100 percent genuine. Read on…. P.S. The goat was never procured.

“The Office” — the NBC comedy — makes me uncomfortable. I watch it and generally enjoy it but not like I enjoyed “Seinfeld.” Michael Scott is too stupid. He makes me cringe. It’s all I can do not to change channels. No one could be that nutty in real-life, could they? Well, I’m here to […]

It sure seems that way, judging by this season. Conrad Hilton or “Connie,” as he’s referred to in the show, is a bigger character this season than some of the regulars. Here’s the question: is that because Hilton Hotels is paying “Mad Men” for this storyline? I’m not sure but it makes sense. “Mad Men,” […]

Every day, I walk by the gorgeous and green Hearst Tower which rises majestically on the corner of W. 57th Street and 8th Avenue. It’s been called “the most beautiful skyscraper to go up in New York since 1967,” by the New Yorker Magazine. The NY Times said, “Past and present don’t fit seamlessly here; […]

Okay, so a lot of people talk about wanting to hear good news but two women I work with — Amanda & Helene — actually did something about it. They’ve created a website, called Imprint-TV, focusing on positive news! Both women are very positive types themselves (that figures, right?). In fact, Helene sometimes seems as […]

I read all the newspaper stories today about Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, and while they all mentioned her Catholic School education at Cardinal Spellman High School, not one mentioned that — for the EIGHT years before that — she attended Blessed Sacrament School on Beach Avenue. So did I — at […]

About ten years ago, I worked with another producer at “48 Hours” who looked strikingly like a young Robert Redford. Well, of course he left the producing corps and began an on-air career as a correspondent for ABC-TV. Today, that ex-producer is an anchorman on WCBS-TV Channel 2 in New York. I’m speaking of Don […]

Today, there are two “water-cooler” stories in the NY Times, and because the paper does not yet charge for content, I’ll bring them to you — free!! BERNARD KERIK — Remember him? Former police commissioner of New York, nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security? You might be wondering what he’s up to these days, after […]

….at least the cat fights anyway. I can’t say this is a great TV show but it is great television, if that makes any sense. I know that a lot of the conversations these women have are set up, but the reason it’s irresistible television is because the “housewives” (and the producers are using this […]

…and suffice it to say she does not like it. Who can blame her? When she was younger — as in this photo when she posed with our family’s first TV set in the 1950’s — televisions were relatively simple and my mother likes them that way. (mom was probably 30 years old then; these days […]

One of the things that I find particularly irksome is meeting people who, after I tell them what I do, are happy to proclaim that they NEVER watch television. If I had a dollar for every person who told me "I never watch television," I’d be rich. Two things about that: — First off, television […]

Guilty pleasure….

Posted: 20th March 2007 in Television

Okay, I’ll admit it. I watch "Real Housewives of Orange County" on Bravo TV and love it. I know I should be more high-minded but I can’t resist trashy TV at its finest. These women and their kids are not to be believed which is of course the attraction of the series. It just ended […]

“48 Hours Mystery”

Posted: 16th February 2007 in Television

Saturday’s CBS "48 Hours Mystery" on February 17th at 10 p.m. EST… This is an hour I produced about a young woman named Christie Wilson who went to a casino for a night of gambling back in 2005. She walked out into the casino’s parking lot around 1:15 a.m. with a man she’d met that […]