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The island has long open trenches half filled with wooden coffins. Hundreds of other coffins are piled high next to the trench awaiting their ultimate fate.

A silent bulldozer stood idle, as did dozens of shovels. Looming above us was a giant cross and all around were abandoned buildings, some with no roofs, others missing walls. We were all alone. What was this place?

I was lucky enough to moderate a discussion with writer Pete Hamill this past week at The New York Press Club and in the middle of his remarks, he made a point that has stuck with me. “Being a journalist,” he said, “is living a fully conscious life.” What a great phrase for what we […]

Recently, two segments of my past life have resurfaced on Facebook — the kids I grew up with in the James Monroe Houses in the Bronx, and the copykids who sat with me “on da bench” at the NY Daily News and experienced those crazy, wonderful times. Suddenly, I’m chatting with people I have not […]

News that Goldman Sachs has trimmed back its bonus pool so that each employee at the company gets an average of $500,000 reminds me of the only time in my life when I did get a bonus.  It was the first year I worked at the NY Daily News and I believe there are a […]