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…Or so says the vaunted NY Times in Thursday’s Style section. I was reading the story about how hip it is to have a belly when I showed the photos to my wife and said, “Do I look like that?” “Yes,” she answered immediately. “Er, no,” she said when she had a moment to think […]

A great man died this past week — the memoirist Frank McCourt who also toiled for 30-odd years as a NYC schoolteacher. McCourt, who found himself an international best-selling author in his mid-60’s, lived the NYC dream. He was a barfly who hung around published authors all his life at the dearly-departed Lion’s Head bar […]

Every day, I walk by the gorgeous and green Hearst Tower which rises majestically on the corner of W. 57th Street and 8th Avenue. It’s been called “the most beautiful skyscraper to go up in New York since 1967,” by the New Yorker Magazine. The NY Times said, “Past and present don’t fit seamlessly here; […]