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The gentrification wave hit Park Slope a very long time ago. Gone are the people who gave the block some of its character and by that, I mean the drug sellers, alcoholics and former inmates.

Yesterday, I took this photo of the window where some of the supplies for sale are proudly displayed. Obviously, you can’t get a ten gallon can of Immortality just anywhere.

I have seen the future of city driving and it’s Car2Go…the first car-sharing program that works!

The Gowanus Canal doesn’t have to be ugly. So it has the worst reputation this side of Agent Orange but take a look — there’s beauty to its ugliness.

A neighbor of mine went missing four years ago. I did not know her but I wonder how a 40-year-old woman can disappear without a trace, especially in this day and age.

Once a year, the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO hosts its Arts Festival. This is that weekend and definitely worth visiting….

With the opening of a pedestrian bridge from Brooklyn Heights down to the shoreline, the scene along Brooklyn’s once-desolate waterfront has exploded.

For years, Park Slopers have joked that items in stoop sales just move the junk from one brownstone to another and then back again. My wife can’t be the only person who’s purchased a baking item from a neighbor that she had purchased from us at an earlier stoop sale.

Yes, this is an actual headline from today’s NY Daily News, my old newspaper which has really embraced its tabloid ways of late. The story attached to this headline is about a bar on the outskirts of Park Slope, my nabe, which until recently had been “kid-friendly,” meaning that parents could come and drink adult […]

You would think the opening and restoration of a gigantic public pool that was shuttered for decades would make for some very happy New Yorkers, especially in the middle of one of our hottest summers in years. Yeah, well, think again. The opening of the McCarren Park Pool in gentrifying Williamsburg has brought nothing but […]

Used to be, if you wanted an ice cream sandwich, all you needed was a couple of bucks and the use of speech. Sometimes you didn’t even need to use your words. But today, in some of Brooklyn’s more pretentious neighborhoods, you need to read a boring sign about the name of the company while […]