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The docent pointed to one Hockney painting of a fat guy sitting on an art deco sofa and said it was reminiscent of The Annunciation. 
Huh? Maybe in some far away dope-smoking docent universe. 

Imagine a “store” containing nothing but The Beatles historic White Album…

I’m not a huge fan of traveling which may surprise some of you because I do seem to travel non-stop (mostly for work) but , honestly, it’s not my bag. Still, when I do travel, I love the thrill of discovery as much as the next guy. And what I’ve discovered is that you can […]

  I never really thought all the much about the populist painter Thomas Kinkade until he died earlier this month. Then as I began reading the obits, testimonials and the great piece in The New Yorker published more than ten years ago by Susan Orlean, I thought — hell, yeah, Kinkade was my kind of […]