If you love books, you must see this space…

Posted: 9th April 2015 by Paul LaRosa in Books
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J.P. Morgan's library

J.P. Morgan’s library

Wow, right? That’s the usual reaction to this space, the masterpiece that is the library of the financier J.P. Morgan. The room (open to the public most of the week) is part of his incredible mansion that exists to this day — sitting like a mirage in a sea of commercialism — at Madison Avenue and 36th Street.

The Morgan has any number of permanent and revolving exhibits that are worth seeing but, to me, nothing compares to the library room that is a sacred space. Stepping into it is very much like stepping into one of the many churches that dot Manhattan. The traffic and noise outside fall away and there is an immediate sense of peace inside this glorious room.

In a church, I’d like a candle and sit quietly. Here, I just look up with my dropped jaw at the way one man lived and the passionate love he had for books.

Well worth a visit if you’re in NYC.

morgan 1

morgan 2

  1. Marcy says:

    A comfy sofa, a smoldering fireplace, a glass of good wine and smooth jazz in the background, while reading one of those books, would be almost perfect.

  2. Paul LaRosa says:

    You’re so right!

  3. Caesar Alarcon says:

    I must visit.

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