Frank Underwood is no Tony Soprano — Tony had morals!

Posted: 15th March 2015 by Paul LaRosa in Television

tonyI just finished watching the 3rd and, for me, the final season of “House of Cards.” I say final because I’m out and never watching this train wreck again.

Here’s the reason — “House of Cards” has virtually no redeeming characters and I spend the entire time hating on every single person in the show. My only hope (and this is a spoiler alert) was Rachel and I promised myself if Doug, who is a snake in human form, killed her, then I was out. I don’t even like Claire but she did redeem herself a bit by leaving Frank in the final scene. Finally!!! What took her so long?

After that last episode, I had to ask myself why I hate the show and characters so much. Yes, Frank is odious and kills people but Tony Soprano killed a lot of people too. The difference? Tony Soprano had morals — he believed in family above all else — his own and his mob family. Everything was done in their service. Underwood does everything in his own service. He cares for no one except himself. He would literally throw anyone in front of the train. Not so Tony — he was a family man.

He also had a twinkle in his eye and enjoyed himself, either at the Bada Bing Club or wolfing down a veal parm hero. Frank Underwood is only enjoying himself when he’s crushing people.

Perhaps the worst part of “House of Cards” is the realization that some of our leaders are like this and that our political process truly exists for the sole purpose of getting people elected. I hate politics, now more than ever. I wish we could somehow have a government where there were no parties, no lobbyists, no tainted money. But if that’s not going to happen, well, I don’t want to be reminded of it by a fictional series. I deal with it enough in real life.

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