IMG_20150301_154356I’m no ‘Stage Door Johnny” but today I made an exception for the actress Ruth Wilson, she of the television melodrama “The Affair” and of the BBC series “Luther.” Suffice it to say I found Ruth fetching enough to buy a couple of tickets for “Constellations,” the Broadway play she is now starring in with Jake Gyllenhaal.

I was happy enough to see the play (my review: good, not great) and was about to head home to Brooklyn when I passed by the side door of the theatre where a bunch of fans were milling about hoping for Ruth or Jake to come on out. I looked at my wife who agreed it might be fun to stick around a few minutes in the pouring snow. So we did and we were rewarded minutes later when the door opened and out came Ruth signing autographs and taking selfies with her fans.

Ruth Wilson & fans

Ruth Wilson & fans

She was gracious and friendly and seemingly in no rush. I passed on asking for an autograph or asking her to take a selfie with me because, well, I didn’t want Jake to get all jealous, y’know, so I settled for these photos. How did she look? I’ll quote my wife: “She’s so pretty!!”

Indeed. I’ve never waited for a Broadway star before and doubt I’ll do it again but it was kind of fun. It’s always cool to see celebrities close up but I have no desire to talk to them. They’ve heard it all before anyway. Enjoy the pix!






  1. ABA says:

    I think I smell a groupie!

  2. Paul LaRosa says:


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