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Posted: 15th October 2014 by Paul LaRosa in new york city subways
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I took this photo another day this month...

I took this photo another day this month…

Today’s commute….

Running late. The train I hate to take pulls into the station first but I decide to take it because I can get a seat.

Three stops later, I change my mind. Get off and wait for my favorite train.

Fav train comes. I stand.

Seven stops later, I get a seat. Ah….I pull out the big hard cover novel I’m reading.

No sooner does this happen than an incredibly smelly homeless guy boards the train and stands next to me. I get up and move to the far end of the car. Back to standing…..

Next stop, I see the express across the platform pull in. I get off and board the express. I get a seat again.

An old guy with an old camera takes my photo. Okay. I nod and he nods back. I read.

Finally, the train arrives at my stop.

Final tally: Three trains, 15 pages of a novel read, one smelly homeless guy and I’m the subject of a tourist’s photo of the NY subways.

I’m ten minutes earlier than usual!!! Go figure.


  1. Hugh Murphy says:

    Best transit system on Earth made for more riders by about 6-7 Elevated lines were torn down and Penn Station knocked down by our Stupid elected by Stupid people who wish they were never destroyed.

  2. John Schoenemann says:

    I won’t even have a Station at Buhre Ave on the 6 Train until February. The Shuttle bus is getting tiresome.

  3. Paul LaRosa says:

    we have the best smelly homeless guys too

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