Okay so I’m a biking klutz….

Posted: 3rd September 2014 by Paul LaRosa in city bike share
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As some of you know, I use the Citi Bike program a lot! I’m up to 99 rides now after 15 months but, y’know, sometimes things happen. One of those things happened today.

I should back up a moment to say that just yesterday, I received a brand new pair of distance glasses in the mail from Warby Parker. I have not even worn them a single time. I think you’re starting to get the picture.

There I was happily riding down the west side bike path. I had put a canvas bag filled with my water bottle and new glasses in their case inside said bag and securely (?) locked it with the tight band provided with every Citi Bike. I was riding along when I felt a bump. Oh well, guess I ran over something. 

It took 20 more blocks before I realized that “something” was my bag with my new glasses inside. I pulled a U-turn and headed back uptown and spotted the bag lying in the middle of the downtown lane of the bike path. Who knows how many klutzes like yours truly ran it over. I pulled over and dodged bikes whizzing this way and that to recover my bag.

I opened it and the glass case was crushed (see photo). I gingerly opened the case and lifted the glasses out! Perfect! But then — because the back wheel of my bike was partially in the bike lane, a passing biker clipped my back tire causing the glasses to fly out of my hands and into a lane of cars. The glasses were okay with bikes running over them but (play “Taps” please) did not survive the cars….proving the moral of the story — bikes are safer than cars!!**

my crushed glass case

my crushed glass case

** That last part about the car running over the glasses did NOT happen but I couldn’t help but embellish….like some columnists I know. 🙂


  1. ABA says:

    Don’t mean to laugh at your misfortune. .. but I did laugh aloud in reading this post. Sorry amigo 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    Dear Warby Parker..Please send Mr. LaRosa a new glass case. He just advertised for you, to thousands!! I have never heard of you, but you can bet your sweet asses I will check out your durable and wonderful spectacles and cases. I am a devout Ray Ban fan, but……

  3. Paul LaRosa says:

    All is well. WP did send me a new case….

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