‘Social media rage’ is all the rage…

Posted: 30th January 2014 by Paul LaRosa in social media
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texting-at-the-table22There’s been tons written recently about the father who was shot to death by a former cop because the dad had the audacity to text his daughter during the previews at a Florida movie theater. (Personally, I hate film trailers — which are extraordinarily loud and egregiously violent —  and I think texting during them should be mandatory but…)

In all the articles and television pieces, I didn’t see anything about what I call ‘social media rage’ — the out and out anger some people have toward anyone who uses social media in their presence. As popular as social media is, there are a lot of people out there who just hate it, think it’s stupid and want you to know it, you fool!

The 71-year-old older former cop who pulled out his gun and fired the fatal shot into that poor dad in the movie theater is, of course, at the extreme end of the spectrum but I encounter those at the shallow end of the pool all the time. One time, I was taking a photo at a street fair when the older woman in front of me turned and said, ‘That’s so rude!’ Because she was my elder, I apologized and put the smart phone away before she pulled out her Derringer.

I thought to myself that it was not rude, just a fact of life. But it was not a fact of her life and she clearly thought it was infringing on one of her rights. I also recently found myself in an elevator with someone who began making fun of my tweeting. I was having a bad day and quickly told him what I thought of his social media criticism — I thought he was ignorant. I later apologized.

It’s okay with me if not everyone wants to tweet or be on Facebook or whatever but I draw the line at their condemnation of it. Why should I have to listen?

I have another friend who just thinks all social media is kind of stupid and doesn’t see the point. He meanwhile spends tons of time planning lunches and dinners with far-flung friends all over the United States. That’s fine with me; that’s just not my thing. I think Twitter and Facebook are way more efficient. I know what former friends and acquaintances are doing and I don’t have to have lunch or dinner with them. So much the better for me.

And just to tweak him a little, I call my friend “The Human Facebook.” He hasn’t shot me yet….

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