No Pants Day…but lots of skin!

Posted: 12th January 2014 by Paul LaRosa in new york life

Every year, a group calling itself Improv Everywhere organizes No Pants Day in New York and many other cities. It’s kind of odd but has become a tradition and, let’s face it, it’s more of a statement to take off your pants in the NYC subway than it is anywhere else, right? I have no idea how many New Yorkers took part but I do know that I was in a minority in one car because I was wearing pants. I was tempted to join in but held my zipper in check so no selfies of me pant less. But that’s okay because many people were less inhibited. From points all over the city, they all met up at Union Square Park on 14th Street where, truth be told, it kind of turned into a freak show with people climbing poles, taking all their clothes off and even (gasp) playing chess pant less. So much for protocol. Okay, here are some pix. Enjoy! [Not a valid template]

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