Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz

It’s a scary notion — behaving like the Tea Party-goers — but what if everyone behaved that way.

What if, for example, the Yankees, who did not make the playoffs, showed up at Fenway Park for the opening game and took the field. To the curious Sox players and fans, Yankee skipper (playing the role of Sen. Ted Cruz) might say, “Hey, I know we finished out of the running but we’re not leaving the field until you — the Boston Red Sox — trade us Clay Buchholz for next season.”

David Ortiz would sally up to Girardi and say, “Hey man, get off the field. You lost. This is our game.”

“What, you mean you won’t give us Clay or any of the your other pitchers either?”


“Well that’s not very sporting of you David,” Girardi says. “You mean you won’t negotiate at all? How about giving us one of your other guys?”


At that point, Girardi would wave to all the Yanks to sit down on the field so the game couldn’t be played. “Well, when you’re ready to negotiate, let us know. In the meantime, send over the beer guy.”

Crazy, right?

But that’s the way the Tea Party is behaving. They say they can’t believe President Obama would entertain the idea of negotiating with Iranians but not them. There are many differences but chief among them is that the President is not negotiating with the Iranians over a law that’s been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

It’s not like Affordable Health Care Law is a bill — it’s a law that’s been upheld by the highest court in the land. The Tea Party doesn’t like that. Well, that’s too bad. When you lose and finish out of the money, you lose. Just ask the Yankees.


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