I’ve heard of 5Pointz over the years but never managed to get there until this past Labor Day Weekend. It’s a group of warehouses in Long Island City that is considered by some to be the world’s foremost graffiti mecca. Graffiti artists from around the world still come to tag the building which is a visual feast for the eyes. The artwork is sanctioned by the owner of the warehouse.

It sits almost directly across from PS 1, the contemporary art museum housed in an old schoolhouse. Truth be told, I actually enjoyed 5Pointz more because it’s more of a living art showcase where graffiti artists are still hard at work covering the buildings. You can smell the paint in the air. And because graffiti is normally such an underground activity, there is a perverse joy in seeing taggers do their thing in broad daylight while you watch. That in itself is perverse. Looking the buildings that make up 5Pointz, it’s almost hard to believe there is still some empty wall space left but at least ten graffiti artists were there over the weekend tagging the building with their art work. It’s all there in front of you and it’s free…..

And if you’re interested, you’d better head over there before the end of the year because 5Pointz is slated to be destroyed to make way for a condo highrise. There is a movement afoot to save the space but there are no guarantees. Enjoy it while you can:

tourist comes upon a tagger

nowhere to tag but up

All the graffiti here is stunning in some degree but some of the pieces are truly outstanding like the mural below memorializing Tayvon Martin. It’s very nearly a modern-day master of pointillism, not that I’m any type of art critic. Still, look at the detail involved….amazing.


detail from "Trayvon's" eye on mural


mural detail...

Fair warning?

Not a paintbrush in sight....





  1. Teresa Cranston says:

    This is an art museum in itself, and should be saved! Can’t wait to shoot this..absolutely awesome!

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