Today happened to be one of the finest, most beautiful days of the summer in NYC, a place not known for glorious summer days (see: Humidity, sweltering, smelly subways). But today, well….the weather was amazing and it was the perfect time to try out one of Brooklyn’s newest attractions, the Squibb Bridge.

This is a pedestrian only bridge that goes from Furman Street in Brooklyn Heights down to the waterfront. The bridge, as nearly everyone mentions while on it, has some ‘bounce’ in it by design. Don’t be afraid as it sways just a bit; hey, this bridge has an edge just like Brooklyn. But the real attractions are the amazing views of the waterfront as you descend (you can see the Squibb Bridge in this photo on the right side of the frame.)

In the next photo, you get a better idea of the bridge that zigzags over traffic before settling into a new section of the Brooklyn waterfront.

It’s almost impossible not to want to take as many photos as possible but what’s nice is that this was nowhere near as congested as Manhattan’s High Line gets on a weekend. See for yourself how empty it is but maybe because, unlike The High Line (which I do enjoy), this bridge is bringing pedestrians to somewhere special.

Mayor Bloomberg has had a pretty good run in his 12 years in office but, in my mind, I will always appreciate how he’s opened up the city’s waterfront. When you look at these photos, remember that this waterfront under Brooklyn Heights was pretty much off-limits to New Yorkers for decades. Now it’s open and landscaped. That’s the second thing I appreciate about Bloomberg — he seems to have put a premium on design. You can see it all over NYC from the West Side Bike Path to The High Line and now here in Brooklyn.

And New Yorkers appreciate getting close to the city’s water as you can see here by all the sun worshippers (I did not take photos of the nearby Pop Up Pool which is free for 50 or so people at a time. Yes, it’s small but it’s better than what was there before — nothing.)

After taking in the new waterfront park — complete with its pool and loads of benches right on the water (most of which were empty yesterday) — we headed toward Fulton Ferry Landing and then DUMBO where we came upon dozens of outdoor artisnal food vendors (eat your heart out Brian Williams!) selected by Smorgasbord. They’ll be open every Sunday down there through the end of November! We weren’t the only ones out for a walk of course. There were the usual assortment of New York brides and even some dancers. (I know what you’re thinking but yes, Brooklyn is even hotter than its press clippings.)


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