It took me three weeks to make fish tacos the other night.

I’ve been trying to cook more lately. I would never try to bake since my wife is an expert but she’s kind of burned out on cooking, having done it for many years. For me, it’s new and something of an adventure! The other night I was in the mood for fish tacos, something I rarely have so I looked up this recipe online and off I went to buy the 600 ingredients needed.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. I’m such a naive chef that I thought you had to buy whatever the recipe calls for. Experienced chefs know better but this is not Iron Chef. Far from it.

The biggest decision was what kind of fish to buy. The obvious choice is tilapia but Susan is a food snob and would rather hunt whale for a week with a spear than eat a piece of tilapia so that was out! Did I mention she would never eat a piece of fish anywhere other than one bought at a farmer’s market? So off I went to the local farmer’s market and walked away with a piece of pollock as big as my arm. I would never consider buying pollock but the guy said it was perfect for fish tacos — that it was flaky, would fall apart and come down when grilled. He was right on all counts.

I began cooking around 6 p.m. which was a mistake. If I’d read the directions, I’d have realized that the fish needs to marinate for about an hour and first, I had to make the marinade. Let’s just say I wound up eating around 9 p.m. but….the fish tacos were delicious. While eating, I was alternately praising myself and moaning in delight at how good they were and so was Susan.

These fish tacos are great and if you have three weeks some night, I highly recommend them!



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