Last night, there was a celebration for the 30th anniversary of the National Night Out Against Crime and on the Lower East Side at least, it was celebrated with a regular old street fair on Pitt between Stanton and Rivington Streets. I went down because my wife was working a table for the event and I figured that, even though I’ve been to a million of them, there is always something to photograph at a street fair.

In case you’re not from NYC or haven’t been to one of these in your adult lifetime, they’re always more or less the same — mix in a couple of rock bands, some small rides, street food (cotton candy was popular last night), and some kids having a good time and there you have it. So here it is, last night’s street fair in photographs. Enjoy!

What's a street fair on the LES without a tattoo?

Face painting is better when you have a beautiful face to paint

Pint-sized Ferris wheel for a little man


In the land of the sweet tooth, cotton candy is king

Behold, a sticky mess is born

Everything is large in this picture

Sorry guys, I didn't catch her name

She does have a nice smile...

And besides, she's with him

Side view



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