Is my tie crooked?

So this weekend, I attended my first Skype wedding. At least I think it was Skype but it could have been Facetime. Whatever. The important thing is that the groom’s mother, who was ailing physically, was able to attend by smartphone. Kind of remarkable really.

It was an outdoor, casual wedding with great weather — sunny and in the mid-80’s. Everyone was there except for the groom’s elderly mother who could not attend at the last moment because of health problems. But fear not! About 20 minutes before the ceremony, her image appeared on the groom’s smartphone and he dutifully walked her around, introducing her to one and all.

When it was time for the main attraction, the groom handed the phone to one of his teenaged daughters (this was a second wedding after all) and she put one hand on the huppah and in the other, she held the smartphone and pointed her grandmother toward the proceedings giving her a bird’s eye view of her son’s nuptials. I wasn’t able to see if she shed a tear.

Immediately after kissing the bride, the groom once again plucked mom from his daughter and exchanged some thoughts about what the happy day and then carried her over to some relatives eager for some chat. Mom got passed around like a champagne toast. It was only later that I heard the groom’s daughter wondering aloud about the data charges because she could not hook up to the house wi-fi.

No matter, it was still probably cheaper than a new dress.

  1. Sam says:

    I was standing behind the groom’s mother as she watched and can confirm tears through alll the smiles. Although maybe it was just a skipped dose of pain meds.

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