What is it about April?

Posted: 22nd April 2013 by Paul LaRosa in violence
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I have a birthday in mid-April so maybe I’m just more attuned to this than most but I have to admit that T.S. Eliot had a point when he famously wrote in his classic poem “The Waste Land” that April really is the cruelest month. He was referring to the rain but all we’ve seen in recent times is a deluge of violence and mayhem.

Very bad things just seem to happen around mid-April, more than most other times of the year and I’m not sure why. Some people attribute it to the end of winter; others point to Hitler’s birthday which is April 20th, but whatever it is, it’s almost like you need to hold your breath when this time of year comes around. Forget the Ides of March — it’s the Ides of April that we’d all better beware.

The bombing at Boston’s Marathon Race was just the latest in a series of tragedies. Consider what’s been going on for more than a decade now:

— The Oklahoma City bombing was on April 19th when 168 people were killed by now-executed bomber Timothy McVeigh.

— The standoff at the Waco cult of David Koresh came to a head on April 19th when 76 people died in a fiery gun-battle.

— The Columbine High School shootings engineered by two disgruntled and violent students occurred on April 20th. Death toll: 12 students and a teacher.

— The Virginia Tech massacre, again at the hands of a mentally-deranged student, killed 30 on April 16th.

— The Craigslist Killer, aka Phillip Markoff, began his seven days of rage in Boston on April 14th, again in Boston. Only one person was killed but it riveted the Boston area in much the same way that the Marathon bombers did.

— And now the Boston Marathon Bombing can take its place on this daunting list.

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