I guess we can all thank the heavens that the alleged Boston bombers — whose names deserve not to be mentioned — were incredibly stupid or naive or both. Yes, they pulled off a “successful” terror bombing but….

— The brothers apparently had no idea that cameras blanket the downtown areas of every major American city, not to mention the thousands of spectators armed with phones and cameras who were snapping thousands of photos of the crowds. Why else would they make no attempt to disguise themselves and, in the case of the younger brother, wear a white hat and put it on backwards so his entire face was visible?

— They had no escape plan. The brothers had a good 48 hours head start on the authorities before they were publicly identified and could easily have left town. Also, they had put their car into a repair shop BEFORE the bombings. You have to be dumb to pull such a bonehead move. We know they rushed to their car mechanic Wednesday afternoon to pick up their car, a Mercedes.

— Speaking of Mercedes, how did the brothers make money? That’s a question that has yet to be fully answered. The younger brother had a Cambridge apartment, a used Mercedes, went to college and allegedly had spare money to buy pressure cookers, fireworks and other material to make a few bombs. His older brother did not work but apparently got some money from his wife who was working 80 hours a week as a home health care aide. News stories today report that they had both collected welfare money in the past, another boon of living in America.

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