Okay so this is a cool idea. The New Museum down on the Bowery has an exhibition on New York City, 1993, chosen I think because it happens to be 20 years ago. The museum claims this was a pivotal year for the city but I’m not so sure. I guess one could argue with that; for me 1978 was a pivotal year. As The Stones sang in “Shattered:” ‘Go ahead, take a bite of the Big Apple/don’t mind the maggots.’

That was NYC back in ’78 but the New Museum has an exhibit on 1993 and has come up with a neat concept. You can go to any pay phone in Manhattan, dial 1-(855) FOR-1993 and hear all about what the city was like back in them there days. It’s kind of a time machine/oral history of the city and it’s a good new idea — and for that alone, I applaud it.

The only trouble might be finding a pay phone. Yes, they still exist but they were more ubiquitous back in 1993 IF you could find one that was working.


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