Yoko and John outside the Dakota Apartments where John was murdered

A few years ago, I was doing some research about The Beatles. One story about Yoko that sticks with me comes from a book by Peter Brown, a Beatles insider who was the best man at John and Yoko’s wedding.

After reading that story, it’s pretty clear that, if Yoko pursued John these days the way she did in the ’60s, it seems nearly certain she’d be arrested as a stalker. The sad irony of course is that Lennon was murdered by a stalker and crazed fan outside his apartment house in New York years later.

Peter Brown, along with journalist Steven Gaines, wrote the best book I’ve ever read about The Beatles titled “The Love You Make” and the first chapter tells the sad story of Cynthia Lennon, John’s first wife, coming home to her mansion to find she’d been supplanted in John’s life by none other than Yoko Ono.

What shocked me was Brown’s recounting of how Yoko won John’s heart. “Yoko had something all the [other women] did not: perseverance that bordered on obsession.”

That’s an understatement. Once Yoko met John and after he supported one of her art projects, she began an all-out campaign to wind up with him. According to Brown’s book, Yoko went to the Apple offices in London day after day in an attempt to see him again. When that didn’t work, she went to Abbey Road studios so often that the security guards “used to joke that she was part of the fence and once she threatened to chain herself to the gates in an attempt to get in to see John.”

Then, Brown writes, Yoko began showing up at John’s house. First came phone calls, then letters, then she showed up in person and stationed herself in the driveway. As Brown recalls in his book, “She sood there from early in the morning until late at night, no matter what the weather, wearing the same scruffy black sweater and beat-up shoes, so intense and scowling that the housekeeper was afraid to go near her.”

At that point in his life, Lennon wanted no more to do with Yoko but she persisted and one night caught up with John and Cynthia as they were leaving a London lecture on transcendental meditation. “When [the lecture] was over,” Brown and Gaines wrote, “[Yoko] followed them out of the lecture hall and into the backseat of John’s psychedelically hand-painted Rolls-Royce limousine and sat herself down between them.”

The couple dropped Yoko off at the home she was then sharing with her husband! Reading stories like this makes me shake my head in wonder. Can you imagine anyone pulling a stunt like that today? But Yoko did get what she wanted and certainly became Lennon’s muse as well as his wife. I recently visited with Brown who, despite these revelations, maintains a close friendship with Yoko.

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  2. I also have found the book “The Love You Make” by Peter Brown was the best book I have ever read about The Beatles. Yoko was a stalker for John Lennon from the moment that she knew who he was. She would not stop until she had him as all of her own and that is what happened. They were married from: 1969 – 1980.

  3. Paul LaRosa says:

    Yeah and she became a billionaire in the process, probably way more than she figured. BTW, now I think the best book on the Beatles is “Here, There and Everywhere” check it out

  4. John says:

    Thank you for posting this about Yoko early start as a stalker. Somewhere there are some interviews with Cynthia in which she discusses how Yoko used to camp out at Kenwood waiting for John, and also how she cast evil spells against Cynthia as described in Cynthia’s book ‘Twist of Lennon’ in the form of a broken tea cup with red paint that Yoko gave to Cynthia.

  5. Paul LaRosa says:

    I believe it

  6. Water Falls says:

    Here is a list of facts about Yoko Ono

    1) Yoko was locked up in an insane asylum for faking a suicide attempt because the Japanese public loathed and ignored her “art”. She didn’t want to die, she wanted attention and got it with her fake suicidal stunt.

    2) Yoko tracked down and flirted with Paul McCartney, failed to charm him into sponsoring her and her art, and resents his rejection of her wiles to this day.

    3) Yoko abandoned her 3 year old daughter to be free to chase after married father John Lennon. Later during their marriage Yoko complained that it wasn’t fair that John should have his son Julian around when she didn’t have her daughter Kyoko around. Henpecked John agreed.

    4) Yoko introduce Lennon to heroin to make him depended on her. It is also believed by some that she spiked his drinks and food with Devil’s Breath, a powerful drug used to control/manipulate the victim who is at the complete mercy of whomever is issuing commands because the victim loses his/her own will to resist or disobey.

    5) After John’s death, Yoko bullied 17 year old, griefstricken Julian Lennon by forbidding him to have his mother travel with him as moral support and to act as a buffer between the shaken boy and the media hounds, declaring that if Cynthia even set foot in the US, she, Yoko would refuse to allow Julian in her house. As predicted, the when Julian arrived at the Dakota, as he attempted to walk by the still blood stained pavement, he was descended
    upon by rabid reporters, barking questions, shoving mics in his face, the terriified boy covered his face with his hands, was rescued and helped by Lennon’s personal assistant into the Dakota building having to face and deal with an uncaring Yoko

    6) Many people believe that Yoko had/has an uninvestigated link with John’s murderer and Mark David Chapman and his Japanese-American wife.
    Law enforcement officials appeared intimadated by the overwhelmining worldwide support and protective embrace John Lennon fans and the public at large, bestowed upon Yoko. It’s been noted by her hired help how she “played” the grieving widow in public, but quickly (like less than a week) she was sharing Lennon’s home and her bed with her longtime boyfriend, Sam Havadtoy, who she had been having a longtime affair with even while Lennon was alive.

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